Phone apps for photography lovers

If you are a photography lover and you see the photography as your main passion, I’m pretty sure that you already know that pictures quality is very important, but also the way how you are editing your pictures.

Even if you are a pro in this domain and you search for the best apps to keep improving your content on social media or you are a beginner and you would like to test out your performances and to make your social media pages looking more professional.

Nowadays, there are several apps that can be used on mobile for any user in order to achieve great pictures, nice content and a lot of fans.

Which are the best phone apps for photography lovers.

  • Adobe Lightroom

For lovers that are frequently use Adobe for desktop and have a pretty good experience with this editing program, now can be downloaded also the Adobe Lightroom editing program available for any mobile phone, of course, like smartphones.

This new app has allot of filters and picture editing settings that can transform into a picture to a level that you never couldn’t imagined.

The app is pretty easy to use and is available in two versions, the free one, but also the extended one witch must be paid. Also, there are several users on the internet that create presents for Lightroom only, filters made according to specific settings and that can be applied on any picture you want with a copy-paste of your original preset.

  • Snapseed

My favorite app to edit pictures online is of course – Snapseed. Snapseed is a very easy app for editing program. If to Lightroom may apply some deep knowledge about pictures and Adobe, on Snapseed you don’t need anything. To edit a picture you need only to select a picture that was made with your phone or witch was downloaded into your phone. After that you can select from different filters that you can use according your wishes. You can change the light, the color intensity, the vibration of the picture, to accentuate the details or you can add also, extra, some editing filters.

The best thing is that this app is completely free.

  • StoryArt

Have you ever wondered how influencers get to post all those pictures in a white frame or arranged very professional? What about that writing type that always is so different and interesting.

StoryArt is again a free app that you can use in the same time for editing pictures and/or to add even more on them. You can add from different frames and styles and post them straight on your InstaStory. The bad news is that some of the filters must be also paid.

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