Improve your internet speed on your smartphone

We all get mad while we are trying getting online, making a conversation or searching for some information for a project that we work on, right? Is nothing more frustrating than to me countdown and to be under the pressure of the time. Lucky for us, there are still solutions that we can make to improve this thing and make our smartphone to work much better. Please, let me show you what you can do in order to access faster the wonderful world of the internet.

How to improve your smartphone internet speed

  • Search for innovative apps on your systems

You can access the system Market Store in order to find allot of apps that are improving the internet speed. Also, this can check witch is the true band speed that you get from your provider. Very often the providers have been found guilty because they didn’t offer the right internet speed that is mark on the client contract. In those cases you should contact your provider in order to offer you the right services for witch you are actually paying off.

  • Remove unwanted apps

If you have a phone that have been bought from someone else sometime you may found inside some apps that you don’t need. Also, some phones have installed from the system some apps that they are not useful for you and witch you can uninstall them. This would help you gain some memory, but also the “clean” the internet speed for the wanted pages and/or apps.

  • Install an antivirus app or an Ad Blocker

I’m getting frustrated allot of times because different pages that I’m used to access have permanently allot of commercials. You can find those add-ons mostly everywhere: from Youtube, to websites with games, or even on pages with movie series and so on. First they are very annoying according to my believes but in the same time they kind of “absorb” internet speed. Also, a commercial like that is frequently wearing viruses that can get really fast on your phone system. There are phones that can automatically detect those type of viruses and doesn’t allow them to function. But mostly of the phones require to install some apps that prevent them to get in your phone and taking the control of everything. There are free apps that do a pretty good job in blocking ads or prevent the system in getting infected. But in the same time, you can buy a more specialized app that can guarantee the success.

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